2' X 6' Preformed Inductive Saw Cut Vehicle Detection Loop With 14 Gauge x 20' Lead-In Wire - P-NL08-18-20

Use the Vehicle Loops 2' X 6' Preformed Saw-Cut Vehicle Loop With 20' Lead-In to install a loop detection system using a saw cut. This preformed vehicle detection loop includes one continuous length of 18GA XLP insulated, a machine-twisted lead-in with at least 12 turns per foot, and polypropylene back tape holding all loops together.
Part Number: P-NL08-18-20

$92.79 each


2' X 6' Preformed Inductive Saw Cut Vehicle Detection Loop With 14 Gauge x 20' Lead-In Wire - P-NL08-18-20

2' X 6' Preformed Saw Cut Vehicle Loop With 20' Lead-In

These preformed saw cut vehicle loops are designed with over 20 years of manufacturing experience and consist of a non-spliced, machine-twisted lead-in, using polypropylene-wrapped copper wires. All of our preformed inductive vehicle detection loops fit perfectly in a 1" deep saw cut, meaning that the simple installation will result in a significant reduction in time and labor, as well as elimination of the guesswork for determining the number of turns for optimal read-height. And because the wires are precisely stacked, it also means sealants will fully encapsulate the loops more effectively compared to that of hand-wound loops. Best of all, because we use a continuous wire throughout the loop and lead-in, our preformed loops result in remarkable accuracy, leaving peace of mind to all parties involved.

Designed For Vehicle Detection In Conjunction With:

  • Parking Barrier Gates
  • Overhead Doors
  • Gate Operators
  • Traffic Signals
  • Arming Devices
  • Vehicle Counters

Benefits Of Using Saw Cut Inductive Vehicle Loops:

  • One continuous wire throughout loop turns and lead-in
  • Reduces guesswork of necessary turns for accurate performance
  • Product flexibility allows for easy installation
  • Our signature design allows sealant to fully encapsulate the loop
  • Optimizes read-height, eliminates faulty signals, and minimizes callbacks
  • More cost effective when compared to hand-wound installations
Loop Type Saw Cut
Lead-In Length 20'
Loop Length Size 2' X 6'
Total Loop Length 16'
Wire Size 1/8"
SKU P-NL08-18-20
Weight 1.0726
Product Type Saw Cut Preformed Loop
Ideal Application Access Control, Arming Devices, Gate Operators, Overhead Doors, Parking Barrier Gates, Traffic Signals, Vehicle Counters
Material Polypropylene-Wrapped Copper Wires
Manufacturer National Loop Company - NLC