Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Make Custom-Sized Loops?

At, we can make a custom-sized preformed loop to fit any sized job. We can customize the lead-in length and the loop length. Reach out to our professional and friendly sales team for more information and details by calling toll-free at (888) 378-1175 or emailing us at .

How Many Turns Are Necessary For Optimal Read Height?

To guarantee optimal performance, we have already predetermined the accurate numbers of turns necessary for both saw cut and direct burial preformed loops.

Where Are Your Products Manufactured?

All our loops at are 100% manufactured in the United States.

How Much Lead-Time Do You Need For Orders?

All orders ship from our warehouse quickly with the lowest shipping rate possible! If you are placing a large quantity or custom order, we recommend discussing shipping time with a member of our sales team for an accurate timetable.

What Are Preformed Loops?

A preformed loop is an inductive vehicle detection loop. It is available in two different styles: direct burial and saw cut. A direct burial loop is designed with a liquid-tight conduit that provides extra rigidity. This loop is installed before laying a surface material (such as asphalt or concrete). A saw-cut loop will be installed if a surface already exists. Frequently, an installer will hand-wind the saw cut loop, which is usually inaccurate and time-consuming. At, we remove the guesswork of hand-winding with our high-quality, preformed saw-cut loops.

What's The Difference Between Loop Detectors and Vehicle Loops?

A preformed loop and loop detector work together and are connected with lead-in wires to create a complete vehicle loop system. A loop carries an inductive charge that is generated by the loop detector. When a vehicle passes over the loop, it changes the inductive field carried by the loop. The loop detector calculates the change in the inductive field and, depending on how your detector is programmed, will send a signal to open a gate, sound an alarm or buzzer, or even assist with monitoring the traffic flow. The use of preformed loops is always changing and expanding, and at, you will always receive top-notch products.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to one of our highly-trained professionals, and somebody will gladly help you, no matter how big or small the question is!

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